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    Welcome and thank you for being here now.

    You've arrived at the virtual home of Lumina Yoga, Karen Sella's yogic teaching, coaching, and facilitation for intrepid entrepreneurs, artists, activists, positive deviants, quiet revolutionaries, institutional innovators, global nomads, change makers, world shakers, troubadours, provocateurs, cape-less crusaders, and daring do-gooders committed to a world propelled by the wisdom of real knowledge, the compassion of genuine connections, and the power of meaningful commitments. 

    Wondering if this is for you?

    Maybe you tend to think of yourself in more conventional terms. Maybe you only fly your freak(in’ genius) flag in private or on special occasions, and you’re not sure if this is for you. Let me assure you that if you’re a good person who wants to participate in and contribute to a world of goodness on a regular basis, I want to work with you. No nincompoops, ne’-er-do-wells, or nasties (and if you’re a punster with a supernatural affinity for alliteration, clearly we’re soul-mates meant to play together).

    Still here? Want to know a secret?

    All life is a secret yoga—the practice of being, consciousness, and bliss that is always all ways, already all ready everywhere, nowhere, and now here within, between, and all around us. Yoga is the practice of realizing this hidden wholeness, opening our hearts and minds to the wholly, holy true nature of ourselves, each other, and the world. Practiced fully, yoga is a life-changing opportunity and life-long commitment to grow beyond limiting, fragmenting habits of identity to rest in life-affirming integrity. 

    Yoga is realizing how to have a better experience of being human in this wild, wacky, wonderful world. 

    Yoga is practicing personal and planetary integrity. Yoga is seeing through the illusory divisions and fragmentation that cause unnecessary suffering, and discovering the inherent wholeness within, between, and all around us. Yoga is integrating mind and body, head and heart, depth and breadth, being and doing, self and other, spirit and matter, here and now.  

    Chances are, if you're reading this, you already know this. You're already participating in the awakened life rather than settling for the mainstream matrix. You just want to experience and embody the astonishing light of your own being*more fully and frequently in the midst of your day-to-day living.  

    *Thanks to the poet, Hafiz, for that beautiful description.

    Now what? All happy endings start at the beginning. 

    BEGIN HERE NOW. Let's light up your life together. Get in touch and introduce yourself. I'd love to hear from you. Schedule conversational, contemplative, and/or contemporary yoga with me.

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